Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stargate SG-2 The Ninth Symbol

Genre: Stargate
By: Blue Smoke Studios
Release: 2007
Length: 38m

SG-2's Dr. Grant has discovered a previously unknown form of writing and text, in a temple abandoned long ago on Earth. This text was found to be written by beings who lived during the time of the Ancients, the original gate builders. They were a sophisticated race, whose technology was parallel to that of the Ancients.

These two races seemed to have shared technology. However, this unknown race mysteriously vanished before the Ancients left our galaxy and headed for Pegasus. All that remained was this one temple, some cryptic inscriptions on its walls, and The Ninth Symbol. Now, SG-2 are tasked with discovering where this Ninth Symbol resides, what it does, and what its connection to the Stargate is.

However, finding this object, whatever it may be, proves harder then expected. Even after thousands of years of being undisturbed, its going to take a monumental effort to overcome the challenges this mission will produce. What will SG-2 discover? What is the Ninth Symbol?
After three years of blood, sweat and tears, the latest venture of Blue Smoke Studios, teamed with Pro Aim Productions and Poison Oak Productions, is here. Stargate SG-2: The Ninth Symbol.

This is a fan film made by fans for fans. In the tradition of a fan film, it embodies an already existing universe whose stories are told from a unique viewpoint. This is supposed to be fun, and not taken too seriously. Enjoy!


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