Thursday, March 5, 2015

Potemkin: The Void

Genre: Star Trek
By: Project Potemkin
Released: 2012
Length: 31 min

The U.S.S. Potemkin is investigating the mysterious disappearances of three Federation vessels while Klingons arrive in the sector.

This  episode stars Jeffrey Green, Blair Erskine, Eric R. Moore, Doug Harper, Stephanie Burke, Bethany Carver, Chris Coleman, Mario Pagan and Rodriguez Graper. It also guest stars David Eversole. 

This episode was directed by J.T. Ealum, edited by Thomas Scott & Randall Landers. It features music and sound by Steve Gallant, and special effects by Jon Carling, with Rick Foxx, Bob Reed, Sean Scullion. The episode was produced by Ricky Thompson and Van Buchanan. The script was written by Randall Landers, who also served as executive producer.

S01-1 THE VOID.mp4

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